Angel is a freelance fantasy illustrator and designer. His work focuses on detailed, fantastical themes and characters.Operating as a freelancer for four years, Angel has worked with hundreds of clients to bring their creative concepts to life - from illustrations, to character designs, to costuming and more!

Terms of Service

Terms of Service listed below are for personal, non-commercial use.

Commercial work inquiries can be discussed and quoted at

Will and Won't

I will draw:✦ High fantasy characters of any gender, body type, or sexuality.✦ Some animals and mythical creatures.✦ Adult themes.

I will not draw:✦ Hateful, or illegal content. Examples include underage drinking or drug use, sexism, racism, transphobia, etc.✦ Anthropomorphic characters (I am not able to at this time.)✦ Modern & historical settings or themes, anywhere from characters to designs to concepts (It does not interest me.)


Clients must be 18 years of age & older to purchase a commission.Payment is through Paypal, in USD only.Payment is preferred upfront, in full.
Split payments for orders 200 USD and above can be discussed. If a split payment is arranged and agreed to, the payment must completed within 4 weeks. If the payment remains incomplete for a month, the commission will be canceled and the paid balance will be kept as a cancellation fee.
✦ I will send the client an invoice through Paypal! Once it is paid, I will begin working on the commission.Invoices are required to be paid within 48 hours.
If the invoice remains unpaid past the 48 hour time limit without communication from the client, the commission will be canceled.
Rush orders are acceptable at an additional fee.
A minimum two week notice in advance is required before the order due date.


I have a zero refund policy unless I cannot complete the client's piece due to emergencies not pertaining to work.In this event, I will issue the client a refund in full. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

How To Request

✦ I take commission requests via Google Forms.The openings are typically posted through my Twitter account once or twice a month, but I have the forms permanently available here in the case I'm willing or able to take additional projects on.They are not first come, first serve.Communication for commissions is done strictly through email.Commission business discussions are not held through social media under any circumstances. Please do not offer your Twitter DMs, your Discord, or any other form of personalized social media to communicate with me for commissions.


If the commission request is accepted, the client will receive a confirmation email from me; after which I will send the commissioner a PayPal invoice.Once the invoice is paid, the client will be added to my commission queue. This is my way of payment confirmation.If the client ceases contact during the commission (ex. they stop responding to process approvals), I will wait a total of 6 weeks before the commission is removed from the queue.After 8 weeks, the commission will be closed, and a 60 USD fee will be required to reopen it. After 12 weeks, I will delete the artwork from my gallery, and the commission will not be available for reopening.The client will receive their finished piece via email.
The image (in PNG format) will be attached in a downloadable Google Drive file, as my canvas sizes are quite large. Be aware of this when re-uploading to social media sites; most will compress the quality of the commissioned artwork due to the high MB and resolution.
✦ All artwork is signed (my signature is included in the final draft).Owed work can take anywhere from 1-16 weeks (typical turnaround is closer to 8-10 weeks).I have a public commission queue here that I update frequently.Listed there are commissioner's slots in linear order. Because of the way my commission queue is run (updates made frequently and dated on each), I don't reach out to clients individually unless it's for process approvals, as the queue allows all commissioners the same updates at once. That being said, I am always an email away if a client has specified questions or concerns.I do not work Friday to Sunday. Please understand email inquiries made during those periods will be answered the following Monday!

Rights and Usage

I have full ownership of all my artwork.
I will post it on social media, use it for portfolios, etc. I do not sell or use personal art commissions for commercial profit under any circumstances.
✦ All of my artwork is uploaded online with a watermark alongside my signature.
In order to maintain a uniform look for all of my art, I will not use a custom or edited watermark from the client. The client may place custom watermarks when uploading their commission themself if they see it fit to do so, so long as they are not claiming credit for the artwork itself.
✦ Unless contracted for commercial work, under no circumstances may the client profit off of personal artwork commissioned from me.This includes (but is not limited to) uses such as Vtuber models, Twitch streams, Youtube videos, merchandise, logos, etc.If the client desires artwork for any of the aforementioned purposes, it must be discussed, contracted, and quoted privately over email. If the client is uncertain as to whether or not a piece is considered a commercial work, please inquire before filing a request.✦ My artwork may not be used under any circumstances for NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens).✦ My artwork may not be trained or used to create AI-generated images under any circumstances.✦ If my terms of service are broken whilst the commission is in progress, the commission will be terminated, and the client will not be refunded.✦ If my terms of service are broken after the commission is completed, the client will be blacklisted from working with me again. In some cases, legal action will be pursued.The commissioned personal artwork is the client's to use for personal reasons; including icons on social media, social media posts, etc.
Please credit me as the artist!



Click the corresponding link for the commission type you are interested in to fill out the request form. I send out acceptance emails within 24 to 48 hours if I am willing and able to take on the project.The forms must be filled out correctly and completely in order for me to seriously consider a request.Thank you for your interest!

Outfit Design

✦ 135 USDIncludes:
• A single outfit (Top to bottom.)
• A simple colored background and an embellishing border.Add-ons available.

Outfit Collection

✦ 325 USDIncludes:
• A single outfit (Top to bottom.)
5 inventory items. Weapon limit is 3, instruments count as weapons.• A simple colored background and an embellishing border.

Additional Charges

Applicable depending on style choice.+ 35 USD
Per inventory item. Limit to any sheet is 5.
+ 50 USD
Back view of the outfit
+100 USD
Add character


• 2 ‘works in progress’ will be provided - one sketch, and one flat color.• Both allow the client the opportunity for changes before the final stage. The client may not request changes or revisions following each draft (for example: once the sketch has been approved, the client cannot change it, as I will move on to lines. The same follows with flat colors). After both drafts have been approved, there are none moving forward. Revisions are not available to the final piece.Note: Revisions to works in progress must be made within reason. I will not re-draw entire sheets or concepts, or allow excessive changes free of charge.

Do’s and Don'ts

• Artistic freedom is essential, as it is design work. I will not draw concepts or designs already owned by the client.• I do allow preowned items. Previous clients have requested important objects they already own that have set designs to be included in their collections before. Items with predetermined designs are still charged accordingly (there is no reduced pricing for preowned inventory items).• I am open to all cuts, colors, and styles so long as they are fashioned for high fantasy, and are not based in racial or cultural stereotypes or insensitivity (e.g. orientalist depictions of "belly dance" or desert clothing.)• I do not draw or design full armor sets. Simple, light armor pieces (such as shoulder pauldrons, leather bracers and the like) are acceptable should the client feel it essential to the character's design to have some form of armor, but it will ultimately be left up to my discretion how it is incorporated.


✦ 120 USD
Cut off is the top of the breast
✦ 150 USD
Full Body
Prices are per figure.

Additional Charges:

+ 35 USD
Complex designs (wings, intricate outfit detailing, etc.)
+ 50 USD and Up
For complex illustrative backgrounds (scenes depicting areas/peoples/places). Final price is determined case by case.


• One ‘work in progress’ will be provided - a sketch with roughed in flat colors. This is the stage that provides the client the ability to request any changes before rendering begins. Once the sketch has been approved, there are no more works in progress provided.Revisions are not available to the final piece.Note: Revisions to works in progress must be made within reason. I will not re-draw entire pieces or allow excessive changes free of charge.




NOT STARTED.. Yet to reach client in queue.
SKETCHING.... Sketch phase. Drafting commission.
SKETCHED.... Sketch completed and approved by client.
RENDERING..... Color phase. Coloring/painting.
FINALIZING... Last passes over the piece and general finalizing.




CaraRef Sheet (Yves)Sketching
BSFull BodySketching
CaraFull Body x2Not Started
SkellyFull BodyNot Started
KelFull BodyNot Started




What is the best way to contact you?


When are you open for commissions?

Once or twice a month.Formal openings are always announced publicly to my Twitter account, and taken through Google Forms.At times I accept requests even when not formally open. I have the forms listed and available here for those cases. I check them consistently, so I will see any and all submissions.

Are you open to commission types you do not have listed?

Yes. Feel free to reach out to inquire about unique, unlisted projects - but please have a budget on hand and a description of the work prepared.

Can I make changes to designs purchased from you?

Of course you may. Any changes you see fit are fine, for any reason, so long as you are not claiming credit for the original design, or attempting to profit from it.

Can I sell designs purchased from you?

No.Personal art commissioners do not pay for the right to resell or redistribute my artwork. I advise against hiring me if you do not have the intent to cherish the work. If I find out a design has been sold in light of my TOS, the client will be blacklisted from working with me again. In some cases, legal action will be pursued.